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Out of Cage

music + astrology


1 card = 1 music theater piece

Artistic directors & performers
Pascal Viglino
Composition / concept /
percussion / voix / performance
Wael Sami Elkholy
Composition / concept /
oud & percussion / voix / performance
Scenical illustrations
Mohena Kühni 

Performances places

Falaki theater - Cairo (Egypte)

Biblioteca Alexandria (Egypte)

Theater Stok - Zürich

Stanzerei - Baden

Theaterpalast - Aarau

Aartelie Bern

Caves du Manoir - Martigny

L'Abri - Genève

La Voirie Bienne

« Have you ever had someone read you the cards?  »

No matter - Out of Cage is the ideal musical-theatrical form of cartomancy for anyone, even the most convicted non-esoteric rationalists!

Every night a new drawing of the cards determines the path the performance will later take. So let the cards surprise both you and the performers by their foretelling.

The project​​

Out of Cage is a musical theater performance with two musicians/performers inspired by the Ra-Maat card divination, a kind of ancient Egyptian Tarot. Composition as well as dramaturgy are determined directly through the drawing of the cards by the audience.

This results in a certain unpredictability that requires tremendous flexibility and spontaneity from the part of the performers and ensures the audience a unique show full of poetic and unexpected moments. 

The resulting piece is thus based on an Ancient Egyptian system of divination yet brought to life by modern day sounds and influences - both arabic and western. 

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