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Command festival LES AMPLITUDES
La Chaux-de-Fonds

6 mai 2022

En attendant les barbares

music + street arts

In partnership with CCHAR

Swiss Center for Street Arts Creation


Artistic Direction & Concept

Pascal Viglino

Stage Direction

Christophe Chatelain

Pascal Viglino



Leo Dick

Lionel Aebischer


Artists musicians-performers
Manon Pierrehumbert - Harp & Performance

Jocelyne Rudasigwa - Double Bass & Performance

Pascal Viglino - Percussion & Performance

Performers street arts

Chloe Lombard

Sarah Frund

Antonio Llaneza

Damian Rognon



Vincent Guignet

Production & Coproduction
Les Amplitudes



En attendant les barbares

Regarding the contemporaneity of music in street arts: a reappropriated sonic heritage, promising small sound revolutions.

Both a creative and mediation project, the protagonists of this event invite you to witness a meeting between the language of street arts and contemporary music. When each individual nourishes an artistic proposition by familiarizing themselves with the tools of the other discipline, it results in an indoor and outdoor concert event that resonates profoundly with current affairs. Concepts of exchange, borders, and common ground now refer to diverse and sometimes cruel realities.

Who are the barbarians?


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