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Le noir de l'étoile

music + astronomy



Musikfestival Bern



HKB - Musik Bern


Le Noir de l'Etoile        60 Min

Gérard Grisey (1989–1990)    

Piece for 6 percussionists, 

Electronic tape and

Astronomical signals

Irrlicht 4          8 Min

Simon Steen-­Andersen:

World premiere


Klangbox Ensemble 

Pascal Viglino (Percussion, Direction artistique)

Oliver Schär (Percussion)

Michael Meinen (Percussion)

Peter Fleischlin (Percussion)

Mirco Huser (Percussion)

Tim Reichen (Percussion) /

Benoît Piccand (sound)

Simon Steen­-Andersen(Electronic)

Scientifical presentation   

Rudolf von Steiger

Astrophisician et directore of ISSI (International Space Science Institute of Bern)

Eine Veranstaltung von Klangbox und Musikfestival Bern in Kooperation mit Grosse Halle, Reitschule Bern und Hochschule der Künste Bern

Die Komposition von Simon Steen­-Andersen entstand im Auftrag des Musikfestival Bern.


Hochschule der Künste Bern

Musikfestival Bern

Fondation Nestlé pour l'Art

ISSI - International Space Science Institute of Bern

A sound metaphor of the Universe

The six percussionists of the Klangbox Ensemble offer a version of Gérard Grisey's Noir de l'Etoile, mixing sound and visual space. The promise of an astonishing reflection of the possible parallels between the scientific vision and the artistic perception of the Cosmos that surrounds us. 


The magic of a sound produced millions of light years away.

The six percussionists of the Klangbox Ensemble will counterpoint pulsar sounds that take millions of light years to reach Earth. The "Noir de l'étoile" is the promise of an extraordinary musical, scientific and sensory experience for the public.


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