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per ënkyé

music + folklore



Petithéâtre de Sion


50 minutes

Artistic director & performance​
Pascal Viglino
Composition / concept /
percussion / voix / performance
Daniel Zea
Bruno Joly
Artistic advise
Sylvia Fardel
Katty Hernan
Fondation Maisons Mainou

Places of performances

Petithéâtre de Sion

Théâtre ABC - La Chaux-de-Fonds

Davos Festival

Musiktheater Days - Zürich

Festival des Haudères

HKB Festival Bern

Dampfzentrale Bern

Festival Forum Wallis

Espace la Grange Martigny

Fondation Maisons Mainou

Caves de Courten -Sierre

Udk Berlin

Per ënkyé means here in Valais dialect, it is the origins, the roots, it is the memory, it is a moment, a slice of life, it is a smell, an image, a sound imbued with its childhood, it is this universal part in each of us, it is the notion of belonging to a group, to a nation, a region.


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