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Oh! Festival 

Zeughaus Kultur - Brig 

17 janvier   19:00

TilT: can we start again?

music + theatre



Petithéâtre de Sion

Artistic director

Pascal Viglino - Klangbox

Concept & interprets

Pascal Viglino
Anja Füsti 


Kristelle Paré


Anja Füsti
Pascal Viglino
Leo Dick
Wael Sami Elkholy

Artistic advice

Stefan Hort

Sylvia Fardel
Mélisende Navarre 


Light - Technic

Pierre-Nicolas Moulin

Production & Coproduction
Petithéâtre de Sion 


Céline Ribordy 

Presentations places

Petithéâtre de Sion

Théâtre du Crochetan

Dampfzentrale Bern

Oh! Festival - Zeughaus Brig

Fonderie Kugler - Genève

Festival Forum Wallis - Leuk

December 2016: Patti Smith is to honour Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize by singing one of his songs at the Nobel Prize ceremony. In the audience are dignitaries, royalty and some of the greatest minds of the day. 


She stops. 

She can’t go on.


Start again…


TilT: can we start again?is a contemporary and entertaining music theatre performance from Swiss artistic company, Klangbox. TilT: can we start again?invites the audience to re-live these fragile moments where everything seems to tip over. 

 What happens in these moments of inflection, of failures and restarts? 

This is the question the multi award-winning Swiss Artistic Director Pascal Viglino delves into with this latest creation. Through the performance piece, we consider concepts like humans’ constant desire for change and improvement, expressed through a fascinating and often funny sequence of drama and music, filled with colour and a rich soundscape. 


Two musicians lead the audience on a sound-filled journey of everyday trivialities: some which strike like lightening, some are expected. The show transforms these into a kind of creative euphoria, involving and being guided by the audience, aiming to mirror the reality of humanity and make everything change when the audience reaches that ’tilt’… or not.


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